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    AirPods Max Supernova

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    With incredible precision and care, the ColorWare AirPods Max Supernova are painted with a unique prismatic effect. The dramatic 3D effects of the color shifting AirPods Max cause a sparkle and shimmer that must be seen to be believed.

    See the dazzling color changes for yourself. Check out the hi-res photos below to experience the color shifting firsthand.

    • ColorWare AirPods Max Supernova
    • Active Noise Cancelation
    • This limited edition product comes with a gloss finish
    • Only available for a limited time
    • Uncompromising fit creating optimal acoustic seal
    • Stainless Steel Frame
    • Telescoping Arms
    • Custom-Designed Mesh Textile Ear Cushions
    • ColorWare Warranty
    • CAUTION: The body’s sweat and oils can range from neutral to moderately acidic. Sweat and oils that are more acidic may cause damage to the paint and finish of your ColorWare customized Apple AirPods over time.
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    • Left Ear Cup - Color: Supernova Jet Gloss
    • Right Ear Cup - Color: Supernova Jet Gloss
    • Dial - Color: Jet Black Ceramic Coat
    • Button - Color: Jet Black Ceramic Coat
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