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Shure MV7+

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The Shure MV7+ isn't just a microphone; it's a gateway to a world where your style and sound resonate perfectly. Designed for podcasters, streamers, and musicians, this dynamic microphone with USB-C and XLR outputs lets you effortlessly connect to any setup. With the MV7+, it’s easy to make a personal statement through both your audio and appearance, thanks to customizable features like the LED touch panel that matches your unique vibe.

The MV7+ excels in delivering clear, professional-quality audio, even in less-than-ideal environments. Advanced Voice Isolation Technology ensures that it captures nothing but your voice, cutting through any background noise. The integrated digital enhancements like the new pop filter and smart gain control work seamlessly to produce crisp, clean sound every time.

ColorWare transforms the superb MV7+ into a vibrant, custom piece of art that reflects your individuality. Choose from a vast array of colors and design elements to create a microphone that not only sounds great but also complements your unique style perfectly. Elevate your recording setup with a microphone that is as distinctive as your creative vision.

  • ColorWare Custom Shure MV7+ Microphone
  • USB-C and XLR Connectivity
  • Advanced Voice Isolation Technology
  • Enhanced Auto Level Mode
  • Compatibility with ShurePlus™ MOTIV Mix App
  • Customizable LED Touch Panel
  • Real-time Denoiser and Reverb Effects
  • Digital Pop Filter
  • Optimized Mic Position and Sound Settings
  • ColorWare Warranty
  • Paint Samples
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