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    ColorWare Apple Number 2 Pencil Pro

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    Introducing our special edition Apple Pencil Pro, where the classic #2 pencil meets modern tech. It's the perfect blend for anyone who appreciates a bit of retro with their tech. Imagine sketching, writing, and navigating with a stylus that's as much a conversation piece as it is a tool.

    What sets it apart? It connects with your iPad in a snap, charges without a hitch, and delivers precision that feels just right. And it's styled after the familiar pencil we all know, upgraded for today's tech. It's not just smart; it's a smart looker too.

    Slide your ColorWare Apple Number 2 Pencil out, and instantly, you're not just present; you're a presence. It's that unspoken impact, the quiet ripple of intrigue it sends through the room. This isn't just about having a piece of technology; it's about carrying a symbol of uniqueness that speaks volumes before you do, transforming simple interactions into memorable exchanges.

    • Apple Number 2 Pencil
    • Apple Pencil Pro
    • DO NOT Sharpen
    • This limited edition product comes with a matte & gloss finish
    • Only available for a limited time
    • Compatible with:
    • - iPad Pro 13-inch M4
    • - iPad Pro 11-inch M4
    • - iPad Air 13-inch M2
    • - iPad Air 11-inch M2
    • ColorWare Warranty
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    • Body - Color: Pencil Yellow Gloss
    • Num 2 Art Application
    • 2