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ColorWare AirPods 3rd Gen Retro 2ColorWare AirPods 3rd Gen Retro 2
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      What’s old is new again, again. ColorWare is excited to announce AirPods 3rd Gen Retro. The Rainbow colored button and faux vents will have you reminiscing back to the 80s.

      What's the Retro look? It's inspired by the Apple IIe, but with the sleekness and convenance of the current Apple AirPods 3rd Gen. The putty color and faux vents add to the nostalgia without taking away any of the features of the current AirPods 3rd Gen that you love.

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      • Apple AirPods Pro Retro
      • 3nd Generation (Model: MME73AM/A)
      • This limited edition product comes with a matte finish
      • Only available for a limited time
      • Powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip
      • voice-activated Siri access
      • More than 24-hour battery life with wireless charging case
      • ColorWare Warranty
      • CAUTION: The body’s sweat and oils can range from neutral to moderately acidic. Sweat and oils that are more acidic may cause damage to the paint and finish of your ColorWare customized Apple AirPods over time.
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      Available USA and Internationally
      Wrapping Paper


      • Wrapping Paper
      • Standard
      • Left Pod - Color: PMS 9143
      • Right Pod - Color: PMS 9143
      • Case - Color: PMS 9143
      • Retro Artwork
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