ColorWare Color Descriptions

There are two general color types available: metallic and solid. The exact appearance of a metallic color does vary based on the type and angle of light hitting the surface.


High Gloss: A shiny high gloss finish that is smooth.
Matte: A low gloss, softer looking finish.

Solid Colors: Solid colors are pure color, with no effects or variation.

Cranberry: A lush, dark red.
Ferrari: A bright, standard red... basically, the good old fire engine red.
Crush: A very bright, standard orange.
Mango: A warm, rich yellow-orange.
Caution: A bright canary yellow.
Billiard: A bright, Kelly green.
Jade: A springtime green with slight blue undertones.
Caribbean: A lively balance of blue and green.
Glacier: A bright blue with subtle green.
Cobalt: A blue with grey undertones.
Abyss: A deep navy blue.
Concord: A medium-shade purple; your basic purple, slightly muted.
Fusion: A vibrant fuchsia. Our darkest shade of pink.
Cotton Candy: A bright carnation pink, with hints of blue undertones.
Romance: A pale, baby girl pink. The lightest pink shade.
Smoke White: Standard, bright white.
Vanilla: A warm, light beige.
Frostbite: A light, brisk shade of blue.
Fossil: A neutral stone grey.
Coffee: A milk chocolate brown.
Jet Black: Standard, deep, dark black... think piano black.

Metallic Colors: Metallic colors have tiny flakes within the shade that add a little variation and sparkle to the color. The metallic paint colors range from a fine-grain metallic flake to a more coarse-grain metallic flake. The fine metallic flakes are very subtle while the coarse flakes are more noticeable.

Candy Apple:
A deep, dark red with fine-grain metallic flakes. Definitely not burgundy.
Hybrid: A burnt red-orange with medium-grain metallic flakes.
Blaze: A slightly muted standard orange with coarse-grain metallic flakes.
GoldRush: A rich gold with medium-grain metallic flakes.
Lightning: A muted, tawny yellow with slight green undertones and fine-grain metallic flakes.
Envy: A very bright, lime green with fine-grain metallic flakes.
Alpine: A vibrant crayon-box green with coarse-grain metallic flakes.
Dragon: A deep, forest green with coarse-grain metallic flakes.
Midnight: Standard crayon blue, with fine-grain metallic flakes adding a little pizzazz.
Techno: A bright, vibrant blue with medium-grain metallic flakes.
Powder: A dusty, muted grey-blue with medium-grain metallic flakes.
Wet: A bright light blue, almost a baby blue with fine-grain metallic flakes.
Lilac: A light, dusty lavender with fine-grain metallic flakes.
Blush: A medium, rose pink and the 2nd darkest shade of pink (fusion is darker). Blush has medium-grain metallic flakes.
Mystique: A bright, royal purple with coarse-grain metallic flakes.
Prowler: A deep, dark purple with reddish undertones and coarse-grain flakes.
Root Beer: A warm, metallic match to the cold drink. Root Beer has coarse-grain flakes.
Sand: A bright taupe, resembles a dark, beach sand with medium-grain metallic flakes.
Steel: A silver with coarse-grain flakes.
Graphite: A medium-dark grey with fine-grain metallic flakes.
Carbon Black: A standard black, with medium-grain flakes. Not a grey.

Pearl Colors: A Pearl Coating which adds not only depth but a brilliant color changing effect when exposed to certain light.

Diamond: A brilliant, sparkling white.
Glamour: A light pink with shimmering pearl.
Star Dust: A lustrous, medium yellow.
Zest: A medium orange, lightened by a pearl sheen.